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Online and Studio Class Fall 2019 Semester: Birthrights and Inheritances 


Workshop/Retreat Fall 2019 Upgrade your spirit with down to earth tools in Castle Rock, Colorado this year


Painting in the Spirit - Thru the first 10 chapters of Genesis, Location COLORADO location summer was fun and informative.


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Starting mid January 2020 "the Human Condition" and Womens suffrage throught the bible.


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Paul Hindemith 

Symphonic Metamorphosis


Paul Hindemith was an artist not just of music but of drawing and painting too. He had a great sense of humor. He depicted Gertrud, his wife of 40 years, as a lioness because her zodiac sign was Leo. The above painting is his. The Leo zodiac is thought to be bold, creative and playful. Paul and Gertrud often played piano together and seemed to have a great time.


I feel this piece, Symphonic Metamorphosis, is a great example of them. This German-American composer wrote Symphonic Metamorphosis during 1943 in America. It is a dance, a song of romance, fast, very colorful and flamboyant. It was subsequently choreographed for the New York City Ballet.


Symphonic Metamorphosis is composed in four movements: Allegro, Scherzo, Andantino and Marsch.


I picked this symphony for the Loveland Orchestra Gala because of its speed and color. Whether I am painting for a musical group such as yours, for a church during worship, or for a party, I like lively music. I like the raw, bursting, transformation of the work. It motivates us to go deep within and to define for ourselves what is being transformed. I danced it out before attempting to paint it. I asked myself “Is this metamorphosis a transformation of a marriage? Maybe a life? Or is it the rebirth of spring after a long winter?” I pondered the musical score and played with the colors to mix. I prefer to use the color which correlates with each note of the music.  Symphonic Metamorphosis is so unique, so lively and so fast that exact note-color correlation was unachievable.


Internet Definition of Metamorphosis

The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages. A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.


“By natural or supernatural means” inspired me. Others might see a seasonal change merely as mundane. But it is truly “Supernatural” to me. So, I explored the awe and magnificence of a winter’s sleep. The awakening of spirit in spring. That worked for me! It defined metamorphosis! So, I listened to the piece while I choose the colors and mixed them in small containers. I did a few pieces before painting “Overture Metamorphosis” to practice and developed the rhythm for the final painting at the Gala.

Overture Metamorphosis

Mariahsachin Conference              
This year's event was awesome!      Thank you!

Creat your own event


Each different class is very lively and informative.
They bring new insight and open challenging
questions to each person at the event. Many of my stuends repeat and return often.


Painting Workshops
for more spiritually advanced and mature
individuals. No painting skills are needed. Just a
right relationship with Spirit, a focus on God
worship and trust in the Lord.


Worship Painting
At you church We will work out the details with
you for each church individually.


At your event This Is a fun demonstration and
discussion on how to use painting as a voice to
worship and communicate with the Spirit.


God’s Little Princess
Event for your group

“God’s Little Princess”
Mary Leonard
Reading of the Book


Choose one for youth of any age


Each child receives a book and star pointer
reading through the abstract adventure.


We bring some of the originals and explore
the paintings with your group during the
reading of the book. Book available for sale.

Youth (of and Age) Painting Class:
Choose from


Each child receives a book and star pointer
reading, 5” x 7” canvas and paint included
3 hours class


Armor of God Painting Class
Paint to the verses in the Armor of God
passage. Lively fun painting class for group
or Birthday Parties.



Adult Mariahsachin Events

Adult Workshops and Retreats
We focus on “How We Worship” and “Unbridled
. These are very lively and informative. They
bring new insight and open challenging questions to
each person at the event. Usually at least 2 days not
more than 4 day in length. See out YouTube
Channel for sample videos. Link is on our website

Painting Workshops
These are for more spiritually advanced and mature
individuals. Absolutely no painting skills are
needed. Attend painting class with just a desire for a
right relationship with Spirit, a focus on God Love
and your love of God. Worship and trust in the Lord.

Worship Painting
At you church: We work with each church

At your event: Lecture or message on this
new movement

This Is a fun demonstration and discussion on how
to use painting as a voice to worship and
communicate with the Spirit. Helps you find
information for your congregation about what this
new movement is.

USA Limited Availability
If, Mary is in your area, she is available for a limited
number of fundraisers each year. Call for details.

Worship Painters are avalible

Contact us for dates


Can't wait to meet you.

Love talking about "God's Little Princess"

Children of all ages are welcome



Mary Painting for The Loveland Orchestra Gala 2018

Here I am God - do with me as you will

Mariahsachin Prayer to God

Dear God

Essence of Essence, you are our source and our creator, we thank you for our existence

We ask for your spirit to flow freely through us and to place us on your path for our life unfolding like a rose

We welcome Holy Spirit to talk to us through an intimate relationship in his tongue through our painting

We prepare for relationship by worship and praise, song, music and prayer to be in a right relationship with you, Oh God

We observe your daily miracles and rejoice in witnessing your presence with us while we can

We declare Heaven is Here and Now! We declare all you have given authority as you wish in Christ

We change our focus to heaven and its existence in our earthly walk and rejoice in your total love and provision

Thank you, God and Lord and Spirit, for the ability to transfer energy into our paintings and let your love flow

We ask you in our dream for the why and to unpack our life to live in your constant joy

We respect your divine patterns, discipline and search it in out our lives with structure

With gratitude for the word and dreams as kisses, we ask for vision and direction and become a living prayer to pour out hope, respect and opportunity to others

We listen for you and obey

Please give us discernment to know them by their fruits and see the lies in our lives so we can root them out and ask for your help in delivering us from any afflictions

We accept the responsibility to pray healing and hope over all in need and develop compassion

Remove any walls or misconceptions from our live and watch truth develop in ourselves as we give you the wheel

Find the peace and harmony you put in the truth for us to show your Glory in and light our fires

Live in community with at least 8 like-minded people to support the walk on your path and we find time to loose from money and electronic and cherish the walk with you and our new identity in our perfect name given by you

Celebrate your love and reflect it back to you as it is your wish in us

Share our talents in service to the world to be as coins thrown into the lake of love

Rewrite the stories of our hurts through other eyes and proper definition to see your miracles in each for good and blessings

Staying focused on your forgiveness and forgive ourselves and consequently forgive others

Plant seeds of the good news and kingdom life through a deeper vision of connectedness, harvesting your mission for us

Thank you Oh God for all you have taught us in this glorious journey, Amen

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This years goal

Complete several books 


"Parents Guide to the Prince and the Princess"

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