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God’s Little Princess

Artist Statement by Mary Leonard

How Big is your God? My God is the creator of all the universes with a word.

Praising God is our purpose. Spiritual evolution is our drive and devotion. Everyone is welcome here.
Clearly, we see our path. Truth vs Lies!

This path shows us “always” where we are on our personal growth. My line is very thin.
It is love, truth, no grey. Grey is a wicked lie to distract and derail our destiny.

We also have a journey quest as the Human Species.
A quest to have a personal relationship with our maker and to evolve the Spirit in all of us.

“God’s Little Princess” asks the question “Where on the collective growth are you?”

This book is a platform to a great conversation. A vision quest to your soul. A window to you. The blanks are your's to fill in. Use the paintings in the book and the star to start the conversation. Use your imagination and travel through the paintings in the book. Welcome God as a good friend to show you things in the painting.  Perhaps journal about them. Then share with others. On this platform you and God are in charge of the where, the when and the how.
There are “have nots” and “haves” in the spiritual realm. God lovers or God deniers.

Are you ready for this conversation?

Mariahsachin is a spiritual practice that allows you to increase your contact with God. It is like Yoga is to stretching your body. Mariahsachin is stretching your soul. Allowing your soul to stretch without judging, or talent, at the level you are. Painting in the Spirit is a quest for understanding, awe, joy and peace. Even if you are great in Spirit it is very helpful.
No talent needed, only love. No mistakes, only wisdom.

This book may seem shrouded in mystery and secrets because it is awaking your soul to a new level. Seek and find your answers. It is not about the wounds of your past spiritual walks or where you are now. It is about your future. About your journey with God.

I welcome you as you are, to follow a new road less traveled, a walk and a talk with God now. Heaven on Earth. Now!

Sample Interview
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Artist statement is on Books page. Very informative too.

I so hope you and your family love the book. It is my challenge to be a pointer. I want to show the way to joy and love by pointing to God.

I have found in my short life that there really are the haves and the have not's and it is if you believe in a higher power or not.

My book is a different format. It is so out of the box. I am beginning the adventure of a tutorial in videos to show readers how to read it. First you only need to read one page a day. It is a conversation and reflection tool. To help parent and their children communicate on difficult issues of spirituality. I have found the First Nation Peoples, Buddhist, xChristians, the Jew and the God disillusioned all add a different flavor to the conversation. The format is for that kind of spice.

This is a fictional story about a princess. She is in your heart and your imagination. I am finding through the comments from readers that the book “God’s Little Princess” challenges the parent to find their firm ground on good and evil and life’s mountains before they can even start the conversation. They need first to see the many ways they themselves are abstract already.

It has been a treat to see so many Fine Arts Painter call and say this painting challenged me and taught me. I remember Walt Disney said, "The principle object of any fine art is to arouse a pure emotional response in the viewer."  I have found that the paintings in “God’s Little Princess” do just that.

When originally writing the book, I thought the foundations of the parents would be stronger than I am finding they are. Many parents have thanked me for writing the book because they have learned so much about their own spiritual walk. They like the freedom to work with their children through their heart and not a rule.

An abstract painting, a voice, need not talk when it speaks so much more than any voice or music can. “Father of Modern Art”, Wassily Kandinsky said, “The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.”

I said ”the trained love in a soul resounds in the soul of another without a sound.” We must train our souls first to open your artistic skills to flow freely. Your light will shine like a star in a moonless night. God Bless.


Reviews form book
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Brochure of God's Little Princess
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Picture of cover
God's Little Princess by Mary Leonard
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