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Our  Mariahsachin Team

Mary Leonard

Co-Founder in 1969

International Artist

Author "God's Little Princess"

Award Winning Artist

Shown her artwork throughout the USA

Several online venues for originals and prints and a variety of shows and preformances. Speaker, Workshops and Worship Artist

WKPA Whidbey Public Radio she had to long running show "Uniquely Whidbey" and "Art and Ag on Whidbey" Where she interview artist and framers and other local figures for broadcast

Larry Leonard

Speaker and Prayer Warrior
Certified in 1998


A-Type Personality to Servant Heart

Balanced Spirituality

Testimony of the Kingdom Life

Connie Barber

Mariahsachin Instructor Certified in 2012

Pet and People Portraits
Shown her artwork throughout the United States
Online venues for originals and prints in process Speaker, Workshops


Abigail Sheffield

Abby is going to Ben her first child has arrived Fall 2018

Worship art for church and home groups

Individual teacher and support staff for other Certified Instructors

Mariahsachin Individual Instructor Certified in 2015

Workshops and Worship Artist                                                                                                                                      

Mariahsachin Certification Program Welcome


We welcome you to the Mariahsachin Certification Program.


Our Vision

Share the gift of relationship with the Trinity through Art.

To give our students the courage to know God in a different more personal way.

To teach praise as a lifestyle.



Our responsibility is to teach and verify skills and practices to achieve the mission.



To reach the world with the love and hope, that we all deserve to live in daily.


Needs Completed

Step one-    Attend a Beginning Class and verify you love the practice.

Step two-    Practice at home and prefect your skills.

Step three- Attend an Advance Class.

Step four-   Decide you wish to advance to Stage work or Teaching or both.

Step five-    Write an intention letter to apply for acceptance in to either program. The letter must include the value of what you have already received from the Mariahsachin Practice and the reasons you wish to continue. What you wish to receive from completing the Mariahsachin Certification. What you wish to do with the Certification when you have achieved it. Please include your vision and mission.



We expect that you will complete at you own pace:


Learn each Mariahsachin Step, each Practice, each Homework Battery and the Purposes for each in the daily walk.

There are 14 steps with 14 names and sub names each have the above.

I should be able to say one of them and you should be able to recite … Technique, Spiritual Practice, Purpose and example of them in your life and refer to a student example too.


We work with you to learn general teaching skills to help you teach in the classroom.

You must be able to be observed teaching in a variety of environments- Individually, Group Christian and Non-Christian.

If you wish to do stage work the work must be observe a minimum of 3 times.

Interpretation of others work must become very comfortable. Prophetic capabilities are observed and challenged to confirm hearing, knowing, seeing and feeling.  As do the rest this takes practice to find that comfort.

Knowledge (remembering, reciting, understanding) of a variety of biblical verses that pertain to the practice and vision.


Once this is completed you are certified. You have completed a rigorous growth and understand of Mariahsachin that you can be used daily and as a profession for your life as you wish.


We welcome the participation as available with us in our work throughout the USA. We respectfully request if you are interested in joining us at the time needed. Also, we are available if you need additional support in one of your adventures.


In the past it takes about 600 hours to complete. Many of these hours are by you. Expectations are less than 100 hours in joint time for classes and private learning. This time can be lessened if you are prepared and feel comfortable to advance to the next subject sooner. It is at your own pass. Sessions are as fast or as slow as you wish. I will be watching each meeting to see you are comfortable and clear in your usage and understanding of the Practices. Cost is in supplies, transportation and is based on location and class size. Contact Mary Leonard for individual pricing.



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This years goal

Complete several books 

including "Parents Guide to the Prince and the Princess"

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