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Abstraction of the Soul
soul unseen but not unknown

This show is a soul’s journey from beginning of time to the end of time

Artist Statement

Mary Leonard 

Mary’s latest works explore the soul’s journey from beginning of time to the end of time. Through rebirth and life’s special moments in time to growth in wisdom and the celebration of our ultimate death and eternal live without time. The works are done in gratitude for her deeper growth through Mariahsachin energy painting.

The Mariahsachin practice motivates her to paint in pursuit of mission and peace. Her desire to encourage a renewed sense of spirit awareness in the visitor that Mary herself has gained over fifty years of painting. At best, it transforms self-absorption into a spirit dance of gratitude.

Mary Leonard teaches and paints the Mariahsachin technique with textured acrylic, vivid color and pure raw emotion that wants to take you on a journey to your soul. It does not matter whether you are meditating into them, or personally creating one. They talk to you.  They guide you.


Abstract Inspired Art
”Painting in the Spirit”
Mary Leonard

Art in the prophetic is a new language that uses shape, form, color and line to create a feeling and a sense of Spirit. God is The Creator. Evil cannot create. In the act of creating inspired art, we invite the Spirit of God into the process. The Spirit might give the artist, or the observer, a shape, color, vision or even words. The layering of these elements on top of each other creates a constant flow and visual nuances in depth of color in the painting and perhaps layers of perception in the observer.


Abstraction departs from realism in art for several reasons. It allows the left and right brains to reroute to communicate with the soul. Just as an overworked muscle becomes too tight and needs stretched to be released, so does the mind need to be similarly released. This letting go moves a person from analytical thought into their feelings, into their soul, and to the ability to perceive the unseen. In other words, out of the “head mode” and into the “heart mode”. It sometimes feels like an interpretive dance or impromptu jazz. 


Lyrical abstraction is music to art. Wassily Kandinsky, the “Father of Abstract Art”, was a theologian and musician inspired by the “resounding in the soul”. One of my favorite Kandinsky quotes is from his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art. “The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.” Total abstraction is devoid of the object, image, icon or idol often assumed to be latently embedded in the abstraction.  An observer reaches their soul through the inspired abstract and the intuitive abstract.  The artist can reach out to others in total abstraction in confidence that other observers can be so moved in their spirit.


Mariahsachin the name given to my gift of inspired abstract art nurtured over the last 45 years. It is about hearing God through observing the painting and in the act of painting. However, Mariahsachin is not only restricted to painting. It started with the work of Kandinsky and grew through God’s help. I use prayer, praise and worship to stimulate my connection with the Spirit of God. I ask God for structure, rhythm and pattern.  But mostly I ask for the grace to be silent to listen with my heart, soul and spirit.


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Mary Leonard, Artist

Mary's style is an unusually simple, still profoundly complex, abstraction of the unknown yet known. She is grateful for her deeper growth through Mariahsachin Holy Spirit painting. With that renewed sense of spiritual awareness she takes chaos to order in her paintings.

At the age of eleven Mary became a worship leader at her local church and continued for five years. Mary sold her first painting (a large 3’ by 4’ piece) to a hospital at the age of twelve. Her first one-woman show was at thirteen. She competed in many art shows both nationally and internationally. Mary is grateful for each of her many honors, winning Best in Shows, First Places and other awards through the years.


Her work has been in galleries in Ohio, Colorado, and Washington as well as in art museums.

She had two pieces exhibited at the "Nagasaki Peace Museum" in Japan. Her work was featured in a contemporary art museum (MOCA) in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She was privileged to publicly demonstrate her Mariahsachin style in a public venue prior to the MOCA exhibit. At the Denver Art District she had two exhibits: "Abstraction of the Soul" and "Seeing with the Inner Eye". Mary was honored to receive an art grant to create a competition within the Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve resulting in 18 sculpture gardens in downtown Coupeville, Washington. Commercially her first piece was sold in 1969 to a hospital collection. The Town of Parker has her work "The Spa" in their permanent town collection (a donation from the world-famous artist Tadashi Hayakawa).  Other hospitals in Washington and along the Colorado Front Range acquired her work, most recently “Healing” to Denver’s Porter Hospital.

Mary Leonard teaches and paints the Mariahsachin technique with textured acrylic, vivid color and pure raw emotion that wants to take you on a journey to your soul. She also enjoys mixed media and oil paints. She plans to continue painting, traveling with her art and teaching her technique.


Most recently, advancing her book “God’s Little Princess” gives her much joy. “God’s Little Princess” is now available in hardback and as an eBook.  Original abstract Mariahsachin paintings and prints from the book are available for purchase.  Additional books are forthcoming.

Additional information available online at: or

Artist Statement from a Recent Show
“Windows to the Mind’s Eye”
Mary Leonard

The ability to mentally comprehend erratic patterns in the mind’s eye is a critical path to finding self. Parts, patterns, rhythms and rhymes in each of us make up the whole self.  From Pluto’s time to the present we as a collective have been exploring the expansion of our self-awareness to visualize our destiny, confirming our identity.  In other words, we explore some different aspects of self through these paintings.

These are a few of Mary’s works from her “Windows to the Mind’s Eye” collection. The metamorphosis of who we are as an individual and a species are reflected in each painting to stimulate your revelations. Each painting is meant to encourage meditation and reflection to find new revelations of self. We are like facets in a kaleidoscope. Each turn of life brings another facet to experience.  Our understanding of each facet brings us closer to our purpose.

I hope you enjoy the experience close up and from a distance. The variety of perspectives provides a wider vision for exploring you. Perhaps try writing down any revelation and meditate on it during the day.  Then write journal your results before bed.

Feel free to email me your comments or reflections of the painting you explored. or
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