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Current Art Shows

January through February


REZ.CHURCH In Prayer Center

Open weekdays and during Services


Bee Hive Salon and Gallery in

Windsor Colorado

Open most days

Art Gallieries and Book

Also soo our youtube link


Defined: Essence of the Essence


We ask God to enter into worship with us as we paint creating a conversation with the Eternal.


Many people are used to seeing things of heaven or of earth being painted. But we go one step closer to God using abstraction to express questions, feelings and love. Resulting in conversation taking the people observing their inner soul to imagination and/or see an unseen place to express and converse with God.


We love God and all His beauty. It is our joy to share that joy with each person we meet.

We have many different events for adults and for youth of all ages.

Armor of God painting class is for youth.

Painting Parties as defined by coordinator and our team.

Retreats, Speaking, Testimonies, and Workshops throughout the USA for now, others welcome.

Personalized Training for individuals also available.

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