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Armon of God painting for youth

Your curch needs to learn about the blessing of worship painting. we will come and explain the process.

Gallery for our artist

Retreat program is a fun Spirit event.

Learn the self help program in Mariahsachin

Praise painting at your church

When we paint for a church, it is an intercessory prayer for the congregation. With the hope that a color or shape or focus will stir their hearts open for God to speak to them. Mariahsachin means the essence of the essence. It is a practice of allowing God to come into our lives more fully. 

As one of the gifts of the Spirit it allows your members to experience a different form of worship. Inspiring them to look into their lives for the gift God placed in then before time began.

November 1st - 3rd  Mariahsachin CREATIVES Retreat Castle Rock Colorado

We are looking forward to meeting you. Please bring a friend if you can.

This will be an upgrade for your spirit. The schedule of lecture are down to earth for you to take home and experience more of god in your life.

Scchedule is on the Events Page

Mary Leonard Fine Art Gallery

By appointment only

schedule you time to view painting or to discuss a commission peice

Our course take you safely from wondering to achieving

Let us sit down and discuss your desire and see if we have a program to fill that spot.

Corporate work is done in coordination with your team 

Connie and Mary are experienced instructors with a deep love of God and a great way to inspire your group.

Praise God Always


Join our next public class

Birth Rights and Inheritance from Heavens Viewpoint

Starting of September 15th 2019

Healing of Your Spirit - Interactive Experience with Paint



Mariahsachin Retreat

in Castle Rock Colorado For November 2019

Accepting registration now


Add to the Subject line:Retreat 

we will sent you a registration kit



Defined: Essence of the Essence


We ask God to enter into worship with us as we paint creating a conversation with the Eternal.


Many people are used to seeing things of heaven or of earth being painted. But we go one step closer to God using abstraction to express questions, feelings and love. Resulting in conversation taking the people observing their inner soul to imagination and/or see an unseen place to express and converse with God.


We love God and all His beauty. It is our joy to share that joy with each person we meet.

We have many different events for adults and for youth of all ages.

Armor of God painting class is for youth.

Painting Parties as defined by coordinator and our team.

Retreats, Speaking, Testimonies, and Workshops throughout the USA for now, others welcome.

Personalized Training for individuals also available.

Art Gallieries and Book

Also see our youtube link

Accepting New Certification Students 

Please email us if you want to start this year

Subject line: Certification program info

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