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We ask God to enter into worship with us as we paint creating a conversation with the Eternal.


Many people are used to seeing things of heaven or of earth being painted. But we go one step closer to God using abstraction to express questions, feelings and love. Resulting in conversation taking the people observing their inner soul to imagination and/or see an unseen place to express and converse with God.


We love God and all His beauty. It is our joy to share that joy with each person we meet.

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Recent article

Toxic Masculinity Destroys Woman’s Suffrage Movement

By Mary Leonard

      Mixed-race-teen boy slumps in his bedroom wishing he was dead. He just got a worthless shiny gold-colored trophy for soccer, just like every other year and every other kid. He even kicked the winning goal. It brings him no peace, no joy.  He is reflecting on the “garbage” his parents are trying to fill his head with. “Life is not worth living,” he thinks. “When can I ever become a winner? How can these rules work for me?” He is screaming inside.

      This story is not so uncommon in America 2019. The swinging pendulums have confused and destroyed our children more than in years past. We see a third wave of “feminism” feeding on itself. The Heritage Foundation says, “Only 16% to 33% of American women actually identify as Feminist.” A typical statement when I spoke to college-age women was, “I am not a man hater.  Women who identify as feminist hate men.” I would have to agree. So many of us respect and appreciate men but we don’t step up and say it in public.

      The mother bear of the middle class women is being awakened this year with the amazing up-roar caused by the Gillette Super Bowl commercial. Commercials such as theirs are insulting to boys and girls, real men and real women; it diminishes their self-image and self-confidence. Being the sex you were born is nothing to be ashamed of. Be yourself! The bulling by third wave feminists is coming to an end. The response against the Gillette commercial is a clear harbinger of more to come.

      Where is the truthful discourse by the media on the subject of radical extremism in the feminist movement? It is my opinion that the media are in lockstep with the current feminist actions and objectives of redefining not only women but also children and the family unit. It supports these ultimate desired results intentionally or unknowingly. Kerby Anderson, leaeru, review of, Hillary’s book It Takes a Village is proof. “Mrs. Clinton epitomizes what many people believe could be called The New Feminism.” The expansion of government to raise your children.

      Professor Heather Mac Donald, who wrote The Diversity Delusion states, “Toxic ideas first spread by higher education have undermined humanistic values, fueled intolerance, and widened divisions in our larger culture”. This cultural division undermines our children in so many ways. It fuels the intolerance, even upon one’s self when mixed race. It undermines the parents implanting simple discipline, values, love, respect, hope and self-determination in to their children.

      Universities are supplying the fuel with researchers generating studies with echo-chamber biased results. Researchers start by destroying the self-image of a boy or girl, then study their resultant loneliness and personality issues, then use those very results to extrapolate to children at large. They use our children as guinea-pigs in huge social or medical experiments. For example, currently there is strong political disagreement with expanded mandatory vaccinations for children. Some jurisdictions “pile on” up to 72 live vaccine viruses before a child is one year old.  The established MMR triple vaccination is now a thing of the past. No wonder many medical professionals, as well as parents, are anxious that the one or a synergy of the viruses might have serious neurological, auto-immune or other biological unintended consequences.

      Schools need to teach critical thinking in their curriculums. They need to remove “Big Brother” acceptance, and encourage personal responsibility. We need to show people how to evolve the species, not to live in victimhood worshiping the government.

      Schools should not get targeted grants or taxpayer money for gender pandering, for diversity (rather than “inclusion”) education, or for brain washing the various “identities” of our youth. The universities no longer give emphasis to the teaching of the classics. We need a resurgence of ethics, logics and human history, in original context, not revised to current political thought or correctness.

      Tyranny of the minority currently is when a societal minority 2% or 12% is the controlling force in the cultural direction of a democracy or republic. Now the pendulum has swung so far into the majority, passing their latitude of acceptance, resulting in growing push-back. For years the majority mainstream of America has ignored the significance of what was dismissed as fringe.   Evil has over played its hand and is now eating itself. A turning point has been reached.

      As a spectator, we are appalled at the extent the minority was willing to go to achieve it ends. The preferential treatment of select individuals and people groups has not resulted in objective justice for all, but rather assured that a double standard of justice would be applied to the majority. The words that got us here were “Equality for all!” Now we have learned that we must know them by their results, not only by their words.

      The tools of modern research and polling are seriously flawed. Mac Donald shows in her book that a recent comprehensive study of rape claimed by college students, 42% of students claiming rape subsequently returned to the reported rapist to engage in intercourse again.  Words today are casually being redefined and abused to change or blur their meaning, often with political persuasive intentions.  Effective verbal communication is always a challenge. When the meaning of words is constantly changing, it becomes impossible.

      The #MeToo movement wants us to believe that the law of the land is, “Guilty until proven innocent.”  How can someone prove innocence? Recognized logic dictates that it is impossible to prove a negative.  The only way justice can prevail is by “Proof of guilt.” Mac Donald agrees. “From #MeToo mania that blurs flirtations with criminal acts, to implicit bias and diversity compliance training that sees racism in every interaction,”

      We are watching the women’s suffrage movement, self-implode right before our eyes. Thanks to #MeToo the current evolution of women suffrage has been brought in to the light for what is really is – a change in American culture designed to destroy the family; the unique equality reflecting the born differences between women and men; and the original intent of suffrage, the ownership of private property by women.  This fundamental transformation of America is not a new political movement.  It was the clearly expressed intent when it was contrived in 1848 in The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx. In order to take property from families to give it to the state, the women must go to work and the family must be destroyed. The government owns (all) industries, banks, land, vehicles, health care, beliefs, and the people essentially become indentured servants, dependent on the government merely to survive. The suffrage movement pendulum swung so far as to destroy generations of gullible men and woman. “Toxic Male” is their final coffin nail.

      We see a great resurgence in religious communities over the last two years. Children need fathers who will stand up for them; strong, gentle, loving fathers not men pretending to be mothers or best friends. Men need to step-up to take care of the children they fathered, not only with finances but with personal interaction. Fathers must and often do model truth, courage and gentlemanly masculinity. It is happening all around us. Don’t believe it isn’t.

      Macro-aggressions by women disguised as micro-aggressions by men are unprecedented. These new concepts are dissolving. Real women have a great opportunity to turn these falsehoods around right now. Social justice activists, many whom are women, claim no judgments yet that is all they actually continually do is judge, classify, segregate and divide.  Now toxic feminism is purposely breaking our society not for justice but for power.

      I have witnessed this next quote personally. Hal Draper, writing in International Socialism puts it this way, “I would argue that from the 1940s, the deeper underlying idea of feminism was one that separates sex from gender and attempts to blur the biological differences between men and women.” It is sad to see your best friend and husband so confused from birth. This quote has been clearly playing out for more than 75 years.

      Endemic sexual harassment, bulling, and begrudging are things of the past. There is no prevalent “rape culture” in universities and colleges. The truth is our young men are so busy destroying any hope for a real relationship by doing porn and masturbating. They are emotionally completely destroying themselves for a real relationship. Many of the rape claims are falsified. The reputations of the accused are never restored. It scares men from approaching women; it is simply not worth the risk. Many women are so preoccupied with being like men they have no time for men. If women try for a meaningful relationship with men, they often have unreasonable expectations and get unsatisfying results.

      Tyranny of the minority where the small percentage of true cases are terrorizing the majority and braking their spirits. Kelsey Bolar, senior writer and producer at The Daily Signal told a forum at the Heritage Foundation, “Modern-day radical feminists have attempted to revise the history of the feminist movement in order to use it as a political weapon to advocate for things like abortion,” Abortion to continue the reduction of minority populations. Also, to control end of life choice for all people.

      Bolar continued, “As conservatives, we need to take it back. This means re-educating women about who feminists were and what they fought for throughout history, and redefining what the movement means today.”  I am so tired of redefining words and having to reclaim words. There needs to be some way to stop the corruption of words. Journalists and media should be helping us redeem words in this distortion, instead of placating to it. Plan Parenthood does not own the word choice.

      Far left’s agenda is in the guising of truth. Most of the time, the words used are intended to motivate affective change in feelings, not the literal meaning of the words. If we take the words and look at the fruits of those words, we will see opposite outcomes. If we literally do what the words say, the outcomes are not achieved, although we might temporarily feel better about ourselves.  The words are only change motivators.

      The feminists are the minority over playing their hand.  We can see their motives. Generalizations in the extreme are not real; very few people reflect their extreme portraits. Let’s look at some of the facts no one wants us to see. Women are getting equal pay, because they have privilege to take time off to have babies and to work less due to children’s illness. Yet they want to be paid the same as men who knuckle down endlessly and bring home the bacon, often without any respect or appreciation. Surveys show women are twice more likely to carry debt then men. I dare to say, “Who is the more responsible one here?”

      Boys are punished for better grades and higher SAT scores. Mac Donald writes, “The percentage of males who score in the upper range of math SAT’s (scoring 700 or more on an 800-point scale) is nearly twice as high as the percentage of females high scorers.” Notwithstanding, women are getting in line ahead of males. The same is true for minorities getting preferential biased elevation due to race, biological sex and even sexual orientation. The days of White privilege are long gone and now. Black privilege has superseded it.

      Behaviorists recommend positive and reinforcing good role models but the left seems to have none to offer. Don’t think that means there are none.

      Kara Bell, public relations officer, Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, writes “The American Economic Journal published a 2009 study titled “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness” that showed women’s happiness declining over years, despite advances in their career and education.” The “Superwoman” experiment has failed at fulfilling the life objective of many women--happiness. Happiness is a state of being, not a construct of a Marxist Utopia.

      Bell, tells us, “The same study noted that many of the effects of the sexual revolution could be to blame, like increased divorce rates, more children born out of wedlock, and less time with family.” Here again we see the women who want it all. Superwoman failed. The hopes of the extreme feminists who are willing to kill own children after birth and want men judged “guilty as charged” until proven innocent failed to change the majority. It is only time till they realize it. Now the only remaining tool of the left is personal intimidation and character assassination. Their case would never prevail in a court of facts and justice and they know it.

      The field of the new media is wide open. Consider taking your place in it and spreading truth. Modern feminists are promoting the false narrative of toxic masculinity. Don’t come in to agreement with that. Believe each of us can build their own sense of value and achieve a satisfying life of happiness, even without great material wealth or luxury.

      Billy Graham states the basic truth. “The family used to be a close-knit group, and the home was self-contained. It was shelter; it was security.” We will not be returning to the way it was. However, the underlying respect and honor will take up a new form and balance with wisdom. Mate and bear children. Have a wonderful destiny. Don’t lose hope.

      In the meantime, vote as if your life depends on it because it does.

      Media need to get back to reporting and leave the opinions to a few pundits on the editorial pages and to the public. In the American experience, it was the media who was the last guardian of freedom and truth, protecting us from governmental overreach exposing falsehoods in government, corporations and not-for-profit organizations. All the while media must refrain from leading political activism. If you are a political activist, be one; not a pundit or a journalist. Journalist, be the guardian of, by and for the people.

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