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God's Little Princess eBook by Mary Leonard
God's Little Princess eBook PDF version for Media by Mary Leonard
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God's Little Princess eBook by Mary Leonard
God's Little Princess eBook MOBI version by Mary Leonard
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"God Little Princess" eBook version by Mary Leonard

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"God 's Little Princess"

by Mary Leonard Personalized Signed Hardback

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Origian II is a Tadashi Hayakawa 

Interrnational Artists Collection for 2018

Mary Leonard is one of the featured artist

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Mary Leonard


Mary's style is an unusually simple, yet profoundly complex, abstraction of the unknown, yet known. To Mary, creativity is a lifestyle. A language where you tap into the Source and paint the unknown and the unseen. Her painting collection themes reflect feelings of life in its spirit essence. Her style is named "Mariahsachin".


The Creator loves to play with us in many ways. Beginning at the age of twelve Mary danced "the painting dance" with intuition and Spirit. Mary's workshops teach compassion, love and hope through paint. Painting is very healing. Whether you are painting or viewing, it is her wish that you will find healing.

Mary's most recent collection focuses on voice. Whether internal or external, the voice might be a whisper, a shout, agony or ecstasy. The "Voice Collection" required introspection into one's inner being, much like Jung's reflection of subconscious. The voice of music is sometimes incorporated in the texture or rhythm on the canvas.

"1 paint to breathe. Breathe to paint. Whether with brush, feet, hair, hands, or thought, it is a visual non-visual language. A conversation of honor and respect with the Source allows you to touch spaces beyond."


God's Little Princess

How to use

The Star - See YouTube


Mariahsachin Spirit Painting in the Book

Take an Abstract Journey
though the spiritual practice of Mariahsachin

Make a star and cutout the inside move it around the paintings and discuss your imaginary journey

The painting as a whole is God’s view

The star is your path

The empty inside frames the moment for reflection


Allowing the reader to place their beliefs on the vision quest and then conversation with other readers

Additional information available on Website:

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Washington State

A Book for All Seasons, Leavenworth, WA

Honey Bear, Coupeville,WA Front Street

Salty Mug, Coupeville, WA Warf

Gift Shop in WhidbeyHealth (Hospital) Coupeville, WA

Wind and Tide Bookshop, Oak Harbor, WA

Llynya's Gift Store Freeland, WA

Moonraker Books Langley, WA


Others coming soon

Libraries throughout the USA

More and more are now caring God's Little Princess ask your local Library if they have it.

Ohio, Colorado and Washington State Libraries have the most copies.


Other books in pipeline
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This years goal

Complete several books 

including "Parents Guide to the Prince and the Princess"

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