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Mariahsachin Christian Retreat (Unbridled Worship)


I was overwhelmed by the incredible moving of the Holy Spirit over our beautiful group of sisters, who were all there earnestly seeking to go deeper and to grow closer to our Lord. It was a high energy experience and I left a little tired, IN A GOOD WAY, for all the Lord had moved through me and ways that he had connected me to others in the group. The power of the Holy Spirit was strong and he was vibrant in his interaction with me...encouraging me to realize his Kingdom and to more fully commit my life to his desire for me. He was not wooing me in this experience, but CALLING to me!

I loved it Mary! And I love you as well my enchanted artist sister!!!!

Kihm :-)

"God's Little Princess" Book Testemonal


Hello Mary, 

I just finished exploring your website and reading your book . I love prophetic art and find it fascinating! The pictures in the book are beautiful, not only did I enjoy the color and textures, but some of them also stimulated feelings...of joy, peace. 


The book, I believe, speaks to the "child in us all". I know that adults will read it and find healing and direction. Personally, I would use it to teach my young nephews (ages 1 and 3) about life, and the journey God has us on, but my teenage children find it a bit juvenile.


I hate to categorize it as a "children's book" because I believe God doesn't want this book to be in a box. He intends to use it for His purposes which are bigger than any box.


Thank you for sharing your work with me! See you at service!



Mary we experienced:


Recently a 7-year boy was so inspired by the book he read the whole book in one uninterrupted sitting to his 5-year-old brother and cried. When the adults ask did you like his voice shuttered... “It is beautiful!”


Then he proceeded to read it to his parents immediately afterwards in total. They also loved it. The adventure though the book written in script so the children can't read it to themselves did not hold him back. He was a foster child till very recently, and he could read script extremely well. To say the least it was a big hit. Thank you. Praise God!



Artist Recommendation

Mary Leonard is one of the artists I respect very much. Her paintings always have the integrity established through her being sincere and truthful to her soul. Her imagination is enormous which seems to be obtained through her spontaneous and almost subconscious act of painting spiritually. Furthermore, she established her unique technique to help put her visions on the canvas. It is certainly my pleasure to have a close relationship with her as an artist and a friend.

Tadashi Hayakawa, Artist



God's Little Princess Book Review


Mary has a deep love for the Lord; a deep love for painting; and a gift for storytelling through her art. Painting for her is a spiritual experience which is evidenced by her use of light, color, lines and shapes. I would describe her unique style of art as meditation made visual. It is a wonderful book to help teach and converse with your children and grandchildren. Mary Leonard uses the star in a unique way which allows the viewer to become the actor or the observer through choice of perspective, either the inside of the star or the star itself. It is also a great way for the abstract thought of the spiritual to be an interactive journey through each painting. Enjoy it. I did.

     Barbara Couse Wilson, Artist


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